Why my Site Is not Ranking In Google Search Results

Search rankings are tricky. Your site can be ranking very well one day, sending you reams of highly-qualified traffic. Then, just when you think you’ve cracked the Google code, your rankings plummet.

Or maybe, your site has never ranked well in the search engines. Maybe you’ve optimized your site the best you know how, but you’re still not ranking for your desired keywords, or any keywords at all. Here are the few reasons that can help you to diagnose the ranking problems..

1. Your site is new
2. You’re targeting high-volume, short tail keywords
3. Your content sucks
4. You’ve inadvertently blocked Google from accessing your site.
5. You aren’t using proper on-page SEO.
6. You don’t have enough inbound links and mentions
7. You haven’t built up trust with Google
8. Your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices
9. Your site has been hit with a manual or algorithmic penalty


Brill Infosystems partners with IWDRO

IWDRO Membership, the benefits of being registered with the IWDRO

Brill Infosystems are a registered member of the IWDRO.  Brill are an IWDRO registered off shore web design and web Development Company specializing in high quality digital services.  The IWDRO accreditation is a valuable asset to the organization, we are able to display the IWDRO logo on our materials and this help us to win business in a very competitive market place.  We use the membership logo to promote that we are a member of a UK organization and this allows us to gain the confidence required for us to win business against other organization that are not registered with the IWDRO.


Another aspect of membership that is beneficial to our organization is that we are able to send prospects to our IWDRO organisation profile page on the official IWDRO website: www.iwdro.org  This page allows our web design prospects to see that we are a fully registered member, see our company information and find our organizations contact details.


Our organization understands the benefits of IWDRO membership and the various services that they offer. IWDRO reviews our application each year and this ensures that we continue to meet their high standards. IWDRO reviews our performance and the website incorporates a dispute console where they assist with any issues that arise with any clients or web design project.


The web design world is rapidly changing and the competition for business is more than ever. The explosion of the freelance market has made winning business even more of a challenge for organizations.  Over the last few years many freelance websites have become very popular and this is where we can really use the IWDRO logo to help to win the business. Where the prospect may have chosen a freelancer or somebody unqualified and inexperienced to complete their web design project our organization is able to assure them of our caliber of work and use the IWDRO review of our organization to build the confidence needed for them to place the business in our trusted hands.  Of course, this is only relevant to leads that we generate and we look forward to IWDRO supplying leads and support in more global markets. Our honest review of IWDRO we hope will help them to grow and more organizations should join for membership and support the organization. The more organizations that join forces with IWDRO the stronger it becomes for everybody and the more the consumer will be made aware to use only registered members and this has to be a good thing.


Even though we only have a virtual presence in the UK and our organisation is based offshore we have been grateful for the support shown by the staff at IWDRO. We find it easy to contact them for advice and help with anything to do with web design and we look forward to their service offering expanding into other global regions and we are able to compete and service some of the web design and SEO projects.  We hope to grow our organization by using all of the tools that IWDRO offer to members and we are looking forward to many new features that we understand will be included in the IWDRO membership package this year.


We Design We Develop We Promote

Brill Infosystems is a multi-skilled software services provider with a highly competent workforce and strong global presence. It has carved out a niche for itself around the globe by delivering timely and quality services. We pride ourselves in delivering successful custom projects, software solutions and the results we’ve achieved for our clients. We’ve diverse experience in delivering solutions for various sectors like E-Commerce, Retail, Health, Legal, IT and Banking. We understand your needs and constraints and co-create the solutions with you to deliver business value with process and cost optimization. Our clients range from large to small/medium enterprises.

We are a process-centric and technology-intensive software development company providing top quality services. We specialize in software innovations and custom application development. We employ a flexible delivery model to provide development services for various engagement types using our process-centric approach. From analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance, our expertise encompasses every aspect of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). To deliver effective solutions, our domain experts ensure that they first understand the business challenges and define the goals. Our process includes thorough study of requirements, key objectives, development and maintenance. We collaborate with the clients all the way through to product delivery. Get in touch with us today to discuss your software/solution needs.

Our application development services include:

• Web Design and Development
• E-commerce Solutions
• Database Development and services
• CMS Customization
• Custom Application Development and Maintenance
• Product Re-engineering and Enhancement
• Product Technology Migration
• Enterprise Application Integration

Our Digital Marketing services include:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Optimization (SMO)
• PPC, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Campaigns
• Email Campaigns: MailChimp
• Leads Generation and Campaigns


• PHP, WordPress, CakePHP, Magento, Shopify, Joomla
• Node.js, Angular.js, Ionic, Phonegap, Android
• Microsoft .NET, Flash, Flex, Action-script
• Photoshop, CorelDraw, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Jquery, JavaScript